Suzy Haworth
The Short Story of a Long Career

Hey guys , absolutely refuse to bore you with the gory details of my long career in the music biz.

During my lifetime love affair with music in all its forms I have done small, pop, country rock and straight rock, jazz, latin gigs, I have done mega huge pop, rock, jazz, latin gigs, all very exciting ....too many to list have enclosed the pics instead. Yes I laugh at the haircuts too. My first sync placement "Danger Calling" was sung by Guy Pearce (yes the actor) and featured in the Oz film "Heaven Tonight".

We all have so little time to read any of this stuff, the pics will fill you in.

My main gig as of the last two years has been recording my original catalogue and writing new material. The recording process is the most creative, satisfying, fabulous, exhausting thing in a musicians life and I love it!!!!!!!! Will be writing and recording till I don't want to anymore that's that!!!!!

Did you take the time to read this thank you so much love Suzy!