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"Samarai" makes it as a runner up in International Songwriting Competition (US) 2023 !!!
Just received an email today regarding my trac "Samarai". The song made it as a runner up in the Adult Contemporary section of the Song of the Year International Songwriting Competition in the US .  That makes two tracks now "Rhinohorn" made it to the semifinals earlier this year ! The competition is judged by luminaries from the music industry, artists , Steven Tyler, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz,  The Edge from U2 , Dave Grohl and Gwen Stephani were some of the judges this year along with record company CEOs and reps from Sony, Universal, CBS, and Film and TV companies Disney and Warner Bros. To do this again gives me lots of encouragement to keep writing.  It is a huge competition and to even get a look in is amazing.  Thanking my friends at Tone Ranger Studios in Lismore for their expertise and talent, Jim Kelly producer of dreams, guitars and bass, Brendan St. Ledger keys, synth, Scott Hills drums/percussion. My babies would not sound as they do without you .
The link below is my Certificate of Achievement, that is posted on the Song of the Year website .
"The 'Runner Up' placement shows that your song received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers receive this placement."  Elizabeth Allen from Song of the Year 2023

"Rhinohorn" makes the semi-finals of Adult Contemporary section of US based Song of the Year
Hi there lovely people,
I got an email this morning about my ballad "Rhinohorn" getting a semifinal placement in the Adult Contemporary section of Song of the Year Contest in US.  the judges are a who's who of the US recording scene so it was a wonderful surprise .  Have placed a link to the page they made for me below.

The 'Semi-Finalist' placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category.

Breakthrough representation with a global US Publishing company
Last year I was so fortunate to be picked up by a global Publisher located in US for 16 of my tracs.
Am delighted to be working with these guys they have a global reach and with their help I hope to
get my songs out into the world! It has been a wild year.  Am back in the studio with my crew at Tone Ranger Studios in Lismore NSW, Australia working on some new tracs. My producer Jim Kelly is once again at the helm steering the ship the new tracs are sounding amazing am so happy with my new babies.  Stay well friends and roc on!
Two more tracs added to "Women of Substance Podcast" in the US this year
Earlier this year one of my R & B tracs " No Escaping U" was selected to be played on the "Women of Substance" podcast in the US. 

I am so chuffed to advise that another of my "R & B" tracs  "It's Only Love" has also made it to the podcast for 11th July, 2022.

Many thanks  to the "Women of Substance" podcast and Bree Noble you guys roc. 
Country trac "Bluewing" makes the shortlist for the country section of ASA awards 2021
Hello to everybody , one of my country tunes has made it to the short list this year of the Australian Songwriters Association Awards for 2021.  Many thanks again to the awesome talents of Jim Kelly and the mighty men of Tone Ranger Studios and of course wonder woman Jules Kelly. Fingers crossed... this one is a sweet trac featuring Jim Kelly, acoustic guitars/bass, Scott Hills drums/percussion and Michell Rose pedal steel guitar.
"Throwing You a Lifeline" Played on Women of Substance Radio show in USA
On May 2021, Women of Substance Radio Show programmers- selected my song "Throwing You a lifeline" for their June 28th playlist in the US. Totally thrilled! My song gets to be played alongside Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Cher, and many other wonderful female artists.
Blues Songs by Women- "Send Back My Heart" hits the Radio waves in US
Award winning artists Nicki Kris and Natalie Jean selected "Send Back my Heart" for their Spotify playlist "SIM Radio Network - "Blues Female Artists", June 23rd, 2021.

bbr Sisters In Music believes in empowering women in the music and entertainment industry. Giving a voice to their dreams and giving back to those in need through a collective community of resources to find out more visit their website

The shows are distributed through iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and several other Podcast platforms. This network is in the business of promoting original singer/songwriters and I ws so excited when I received this notification that they choose my song.
Re: Australian Songwriting Awards 2020
Hi guys just letting you all know that unfortunately no cigar this time around. But to get to the finals and the semi finals with two songs is awesome and I will be entering again this year. So thanks for the support congrats to everyone
Date Announced for ASA Awards announced for the Australian Songwriters Association Awards 2020 zoom event. Broadcast on the 16th May, 2020!!! fingers crossed.
Watch This Space!!!!!Australian Songwriters Association Awards 2020
Hi there my friends,

The Australian Songwriting Awards 2020 event will be decided soon, this is an national Australian award judged by the entertainment industry. Due to Covid, the show will be a Zoom broadcast. I was so lucky working with the fine musicians at Tone Ranger Studios in Lismore, NSW, Australia. Producer Jim Kelly, superman, that he is, whipped my songs into shape. Result! I had two songs through to the semi finals and one through to the finals. Just getting this far is a big deal. Holding my breathe and will report on the outcome very soon.